Hello! I’m Jenni, I live in Edinburgh in beautiful Scotland, and I run Awsm Street. Behind the scenes, it’s very much a family affair though. My husband – who has a full time job in tech – does most of the artwork for our prints in his spare time and we come up with the designs together. He’ll either illustrate his ideas directly, or I’ll sketch out my ideas and he’ll tidy them up for me. Then we’ll decide together how best to use them to create products for the shop. Our two boys are involved too – our eldest came up with the idea of a skateboarding unicorn, after he couldn’t find any T-shirts in the high street shops that he liked. So we thought, why not help other families who struggle to find colourful clothes for their kids too, and Awsm Street was born. Because what could be more awesome than a rainbow unicorn skateboarding down the street!