Size Guide


Please read our Size Guide to ensure you order the best possible fit of garments for your child, and to avoid any disappointment. The sizes of our Awsm Street garments are set by the suppliers we use, and all include age recommendations. However, age is not always a reliable factor as children can vary so much in size and stature, and sizing can also differ from store to store. To ensure the best possible fit, we therefore recommend that you take the garment measurements as a guidance, rather than the ages.

Please note these are the measurements of the garment, NOT the child. The best approach would be to take a favourite T-shirt or hoodie from home and measure it for size, then compare it to the measurements of the relevant garments you wish to order.

Kids T-Shirts

Awsm Street Size Guide Stanley Stella

Kids Hoodies


Adult T-shirts

The sizes for our T-shirts have been set up by our supplier, however, we have found the adult T-shirts come up a bit small. We recommend going up a size, or even up two sizes if you prefer a more loose fit. The best thing to do, would be to take a T-shirt you have that fits well and measure it, then compare it to the measurements in the table below. If your measurements are between two sizes, you’re probably best going for the bigger size. Please note these are the measurements of the garment, NOT the person. 

We are a small family business and all our clothes are printed on demand to reduce waste, so please use the size chart and guidance to help you select the right size before ordering and avoid any unnecessary returns.

(When ordering our samples, Jenni, who usually wears a women’s UK size 16 ended up with an XL and Simon, who usually wear’s a men’s UK size L ended up with an XXL. We both prefer a looser fit.)