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Why our kids change out of their uniforms after school

School Uniform versus Home Clothes

Next to our front door, we have a big tub where the kids drop their outdoor clothes when they come home. We’ve been doing this ever since lockdown started and now that they are back at school, to reduce the risk of bringing any unnecessary germs in to the house. But even before the pandemic, they have always changed out of their uniforms after school. Here’s why:

1. Changing out of uniform signals the end of the school day

My boys love going to school, but they are also happy to come home at the end of the day, switch off from school and relax. Changing out of their uniforms helps with that transition, as it clearly signals ‘school is over for today’. Mentally, it lets them know that they are now in their safe space and can let down their guard. With my youngest especially, who only started school last year, I can really tell that this transition helps him.

2. Home clothes are more comfortable

Our uniforms aren’t too bad, as far as uniforms go. Nothing too stiff or too scratchy. But there’s still a difference between wearing pressed school trousers, and slipping in to a comfy pair of leggings or joggers. We speak German at home, and we refer to leggings and similar leg wear as “Kuschelhosen” – literally “cuddle trousers” in English – because they are nice and cuddly. And it’s much more comfy to wear a favourite T-shirt or jumper, than a school shirt.

3.Home clothes express your individuality

When my youngest started school last year, he was not impressed when presented with his new school uniform. “I don’t want to wear those trousers, they are too grey!” he said. It was hard to argue his point, since they are indeed very grey. And for someone who likes to live life colourfully, it’s a hard pill to swallow having to wear grey (and dark blue) all day – and to dress the same as everyone else. So he, like his older brother, can’t wait to get home, cast aside the drab colours of the school uniform, and dive in to the rainbow of his wardrobe.

So how about you? Do your kids change out of their uniforms after school, and do you think it’s important? Or do you bot bother and let them stay in their uniforms all day until bed time?